NMRC and NBS Partner to Develop a Mortgage Market Information Portal For Nigeria
August 1, 2016
NMRC Champions Housing For Nigerians At SunTrust Bank Launch
August 17, 2016

I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time. It was past 5 O’clock. What! I must have been waiting here for over two hours. Baba No Shaking had assured me in his gruff, ragged voice that he would meet me here with his other partners

His partners – my own way of describing the various men he introduced to me every single time we met. Their names were as varied as their funny accents but who cared?

Then I sighted two men walking towards me and talking in very loud voices. They mumbled their greetings to me and went back to talking in their same loud voices

Should I talk to them or wait for Baba No Shaking?

I was still thinking about that when a car stopped beside me and a pregnant woman and the man dressed in similar attires also known as ‘Anko’ stepped out

Still no sign of Baba No Shaking… I was really getting tired of waiting so I walked over to the couple, more out of boredom

“Hello…” and so the conversation started. Baba No Shaking and his omo onile cronies had sold the same plot of land to me and the Anko couple

She screamed and this attracted our loud talkers

They had paid for the same land they explained very loudly… hurling curses at Baba

That shifty-no- good- smooth- talker had taken my hard earned money- and the money was even a loan

Gbese re o! omo onile has finished me